Where can I get latest “drivers sd card lenovo” ?

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Hi experts,

I have Lenovo laptop. When I put a SD card, it doesn't work. Although I have installed "drivers SD card Lenovo". I think this driver is out of date. So, I need a latest "drivers SD card Lenovo". But I could not find it. Where can I get latest "drivers SD card Lenovo" ?


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Where can I get latest “drivers sd card lenovo” ?



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If you're using Windows 7 it automatically updates drivers and its programs. With low versions it’s kind of hard to update. There are many sites to go but you're not sure if it’s the updated one. I have a program that is best for updating all the drivers and who knows some of your driver is out dated.  You can download DriverGenius on the internet it will help you update your drivers on the newest software drivers.

Well, you can still manually download drivers for your lenovo laptop. First go to run, then type dxdiag, a menu will appear showing the name of your motherboard, then you can search through google the drivers for your motherboard. Then download and install.


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Where can I get latest “drivers sd card lenovo” ?




  • Drivers for any hardware of  any system depend on many specifications like hardware version , OS installed etc.
  • As, you want drivers of SD Card. So, firstly you have to describe which OS you are using like Windows Vista (32 bits) etc.
  • After this specification you have to see you Lenovo Laptop Model number. So, by your model number suitable drivers can be found from Lenovo global website
  • Below is the link ok Lenovo Global website open and search for you Lenovo Laptop model number that you have and download the latest available updates for you SD Card Reader Driver
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Where can I get latest “drivers sd card lenovo” ?


If your laptop cannot read your SD card and you think the problem is with the driver you installed, you can always download the drivers for your laptop from the Lenovo website. Go to Lenovo Global Support. If you prefer, you can change your location by selecting your country on the upper right corner of the screen next to “My Account”.

Here, enter your laptop’s serial number or product name in the search field to identify your product. Select your product from the results to go to the download page and then download all the applicable drivers for your machine. See if this works. On the other hand, if your laptop still can’t read the SD card, the problem is probably with the SD card itself.

Try formatting it if the card is new to prepare it for use. If the SD card is kind of old, the card probably reached its end of life. Just buy a new SD card.

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