Change BackGround Color of gadget in Blog

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I have create one blog http://************ I want to make this blog almost like this blog http://****************

Problem is I am feeling:

1) Header is not doing fit image resizing issue do comparison in both.

2) I want to upload picture in right side but it is much upper. Check it at http://************* here is written Shallee McArthur at picture.  I want to resize this picture and make it small.

3) I want make search button like this site http://************ how can fill gadget color also border color.

4) Can I import other person blog in my blog as a template and do editing in it?

Check Both Blogs also if needed CSS code then you check my blog and please provide me CSS code with complete detail. Any other suggestions, you can provide me which you feel better. I give good points who give me proper answer. Regards.

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Change BackGround Color of gadget in Blog


Hi Shaheen,

Since you want to make your blog almost the same as Shalle Mcarthur’s blog, then the best solution for you is to use the same template that she is using.

Using a template will be much easier than trying to edit the CSS and HTML in the template.

Go back to Shallee Mcarthur’s blog and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will see links for giving credit to the creators, publishers, etc. There you will find a link where it says “Blogger Template by” click the “Blogger Template” part and it should take you to

This is most likely where Shallee Mcarthur got her template.

On that website, click the Download link and save the file to your computer.

To use that template, go to your blog

  • Click Design
  • Click Edit HTML
  • Press Browse and navigate to the template you downloaded earlier
  • Press Upload
  • You may see some warning about some widgets not being included in the new template you are trying to upload. Just select if you want to Keep the Widgets or Delete them.
  • Once the upload is successful, you’ll see a message saying “Your changes have been saved. View Blog”

You can add a Search Box widget easily. In the Design page of your blogger dashboard, under Page Elements, click an "Add a Gadget" link anywhere. Pick Search Box and drag it to anywhere it is allowed in your template. 

Blogger templates can be downloaded from various websites. Just Google “blogger templates” or 'blog spot templates” and you will see that there are numerous websites offering templates for your Google blog.

As mentioned, these templates can be downloaded and for free. These websites have a side selection of templates you can choose from. Different styles such as templates that have 2 columns, 3 columns, footer widget spaces, ads enabled, adjustable widths, even professional looking templates that you can use.

They also come all sorts of colors such as black, red, blue, brown, green, etc.

Good luck!

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Change BackGround Color of gadget in Blog


Good day,

Step-1: Go to Your blogger dashboard and click on edit of a gadget of which you want to change color..
Step-2:. Copy that id and replace it with HTML in the below red code
Step-3 Go to your blogger template, click on edit.
Suppose id of gadget is HTML1.
Paste the below code in the Css section(Hint: css section of blogger where #s are used ) of your blog. and save template.
Jacksonn Maria

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