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 All the readers,

Hi! I would like to ask about the display in my screen in connection to my browser.  My laptop is an Acer Aspire 2930 and as you know, it has approximately 12 inches LCD. In addition, I am using Google Chrome as my default browser. There is a certain website that I visited and its home page would not display in the middle. When I went to its sub links, it is fine.

I just realized that his happens only on Google Chrome.  When I tried to open the home page in Mozilla Firefox, it displayed just right. So, the issue with the website is isolated. Is there such a setting in Google Chrome that I have to check to make it fit to the screen as the other browsers would do?

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No,  there are no such settings for your Google Chrome to show these sites properly. This is not browser fault. This is a fault of the CSS of the website. The web developer didn't write the css codes to adjust automatically to the screen size. If the screen is wide, the site will be in center, and if the screen is small,  the site will be automatically in center. Maybe,  he didn’t set the body margin to 0 as displayed below:

body {

margin:0px auto;


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As far as I'm concerned, there are no such settings. It's not  a problem of Google Chrome. May be the problem is with the 'CSS' of the website. I have a question to ask you- "Is your browser updated?" Pages often contain rich materials or flash projects which need some additional Add-ons to show them. So, update your browser first.