Certain type of action through a batch file.

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I have a Question about batch file in Windows XP.

Can I make a batch file to perform a certain type of actions as well as I want to remove my browser's history by double clicking on this batch file.
I want to visit certain web sites daily. I want to add them in batch file so that when I click on this batch file, I have to visit on these certain type of web sites. If this is possible then please tell me how can i do this. Thanks.
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Certain type of action through a batch file.


Hello Ahmed.

What browser are you using? Do you want to learn how to make the batch file or are you more interested on how you will be able to clear your internet browsing history?

Here is a post in Microsoft related to clearing the browser history of IE7:

If your only concern is clearing your browsing history then I have a few suggestions:

1. Use Ccleaner (http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner). It can be set up to run at every startup so that it will clear not just your internet browser cache and history but even the recycle bin and other temporary files.

2. Set your browser to automatically clear it is browsing history upon exit. Check your browser is help file for this.

3. Enable your browser is privacy setting whenever you want to browse those "certain websites". Internet Explorer has "InPrivate" browsing windows, Opera has private tabs, Google chrome has "incognito" mode and Mozilla Firefox has "private browsing" mode.

When you browse using these privacy features of your browser, no history or cookies will be kept in cache so you won't have to worry about deleting your history manually.

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