Batch scripting

Batch scripting

I have a large number of Mysql database tables. I need to move some records around from one table to the other but I do not know how to go about this. Please help me with you expertise to move data from one table to the next. What kind of script should I develop and what specific commands can accomplish this task?

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Hello Friends,

I need to print full directory of HDD or any specified folder. Please do let me know about, how to get this done using the batch file script.

Thanks & Regards,


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I am using Windows XP, I need about how to set screen resolution in bat file, so that when we run the bat file, the resolution of the screen will automatically get changed as per the codings in bat file, also do the needful for getting me the bat file coding for setting the screen resolution.

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Hello Friends,

I need to know about how to make talk program in batch file, that will speak the text that is entered. Please do provide the batch file coding for that.

Thanks in Advance,

Otis Hartwell

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Dear Friends,

I need to know how to do batch code hider, that will run the batch file without showing the command window.

Is it possible to do the same, please guide me.

Thanks, Adam Johnson

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Dear Techyv members, i need your help. Please tell me how to transfer batch oracle script to FTP command? I would also welcome a step by step guide process on how to do this. Please include an overview and some of the issues to be encountered in the transfer script? I'm looking forward for your answers on this.

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Can anyone provide a sample script on inserting a DB2: Importing and Exporting Script on my system? What are the options on the Import and Export Utility? Kindly send me the easiest and effective ways to handle this script. Thanks in advance. 


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Hello Techyv Guys,

I am working with a LAN connection and would like to change my IP using batch file, Please do the needful for providing the batch file script coding, that will help me to change my IP. Waiting to hear from Techyv Experts.

Thanks and Regards,

Zebbena Laz

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Hello Techyv Users and Experts,

I want to use some software to schedule services script on specified time of a day to execute on My Windows XP PC. I need to use different software at different time of a day e.g. Skype at night and MS Excel in Morning. Please provide me link to good software to accomplish may job. Thanks in Advance.

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Hello guys,

Few days back I found in a website a term that is batch software installer that installs a software in your PC by not clicking the software but clicking on the batch file. So I want you to answer me how to make a batch software installer and this works.

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