Cartridge selection problem of the printer HP Deskjet 1000

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I have recently bought the printer HP Deskjet 1000. They have provided two cartridges with the package, one is color and the other is black. Can anyone suggest how can I choose between these two, i. e., how can I make sure that the cartridge that is being used is the one that I have chosen?

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Cartridge selection problem of the printer HP Deskjet 1000



You have to use both cartridges. If you would open your deskjet printer, you would notice that there are two slots for cartridges. The black cartridge is needed to print black pages and the color cartridge for colored printing. To install the cartridges, follow these simple steps:
1. Turn the printer on by pressing the power button
2. Open the printer's top cover, wait for the print cartridge cradle to move to the center of the printer and for the print cartridge light to flash.
3.Remove the color print cartridge from the packing box and gently remove the tape covering the ink nozzles. Make sure not to touch the ink nozzles or the copper contacts as this may cause damage to the cartridge.
4.Lift the print cartridge latch in the print cradle and insert he print cartridge into the cradle slot and push down the cartridge firmly.
5. Push down the latch to secure the cartridge.
6. Do the same for the black print cartridge.
7. Print Cartridge light should not be blinking if the cartridges were properly installed.

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