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Hi all,

I've been suffering failure of burning cd's.

I think my computer cannot burn cd's because i've tried numbers of burn installer, but it didn't worked out.

This is the error that came out upon burning;

Nero Express

Burn process failed at 16x (22,160KB/s)

Several times I repeat the burning, but there is no luck. Both dvd/cd burn no changes at all!

What do you think would be the possible problem of the burner? Is it my computer or the cd/dvd rom? What is the best installer for CD burn?

Do you have any idea on how to fix CD burning? Where can we find the best CD burn installer?

Post please, thanks.

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Try updating your Nero software. Nero 8 and above would be good. A few more solutions you could try are:

1. Reinstall Nero software by completing removing Nero from your computer first.

2. Download the latest version and install it on your computer.

3. Use good quality discs to complete the burn process. The process will not be completed even when the discs are of low quality.

4. Download ImgBurn software. You can download it from here--> See the screenshot of ImgBurn below:

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Good day,
There are possible reasons as to why you could not burn successfully. It could be that you don't have DMA enabled, or your media is not supported, disc type is wrong, settings in Nero are wrong, and rate of burning is high.
You may try the following to solve the issue: 
1. Enable your DMA. I found the link below particularly useful in doing this.
2. Make sure that DVD-R is free of dust, fingerprints or scratch.
3. No other program is running while burning like anti virus etc
4. Lower down your burn speed
Hope it helps

workman Irwin