Cannot uninstall some programs in Add/Remove

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Hi all,

I have problems uninstalling some programs in Add/Remove under control panel. There are programs, that I cannot manually delete. There is no option to Uninstall, but there is a Change button when you right-clicked the specific program.

And sometimes there is totally no button to display.

And sometimes the program itself does not appear on the Add/Remove window. So I want to know, how to uninstall these programs and how I can see the programs that are not listed in the Add/Remove Window.  I am using Windows 7 Ultimate.

This is a Pentium Dual Core CPU with 2.00GHz loaded with 2GB RAM.

What I tried so far:

* Run on safe mode

* Scan my whole drive C: for possible virus

* Run CCleaner

* Run SFC / Scannow

* Search for third party software that can uninstall the programs

None works as of now. Does it have settings for this?

I searched on a site about TweakUI. But when I read about the description and it has something to do with editing the registry files, I backed up because I don't know how to fix this thing.

Why I cannot remove even in safe mode?

Please teach me how to resolve this.

Thank you.

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Cannot uninstall some programs in Add/Remove


Hi there,

When you want to uninstall a program, you need a proper uninstaller for the software you want to uninstall. Usually the uninstaller is bundled with software and is available to you when you install it to your PC. I reckon the uninstaller is missing in your PC for the software you are trying to uninstall.

The solution would be you try to install the exact software you are trying to uninstall first. A lot of software these days will give you the option to uninstall even when you are actually trying to install. If that is the case just select the uninstall option that comes up. If you do not get Uninstall Option, install the software first and uninstall it later from Add / Remove Programs.

Good Luck!

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Cannot uninstall some programs in Add/Remove



You can install the exact applications and then remove them, or, you can try to remove those applications manually.

Please note that removing an application manually should be your last resort. Try to reinstall + uninstall the applications first, if it still gives you problems, then you can remove it manually.

Here's a step by step instruction to remove an application:

1. Back-up your system. Do the System Restore and copy your important files to an external drive.

2. Find your application's directory. Usually it's located within the Program Files. Find the application folder and delete it.

3. Delete your application from registry (if you find any) by going to Start > type REGEDIT.

  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersionUninstall. You will find a lot of folders with seemingly long random name. Iterate through them and each time you open a folder, look at the right panel. If the DisplayName contains the name of your application, delete that particular folder.
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run. Look if your application is listed there. If you find it, delete it.

4. Go to Start > All Programs > Startup. If you find your application in there, delete it.

I hope that uninstalls your applications 🙂 They might still left some DLL files on your Windows folder, and there is no easy way to tell which DLLs are not used by any application anymore. So my advise is just to leave them there.

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Cannot uninstall some programs in Add/Remove


I was a bit uneasy to try fixing through my registry. But this one helped a lot. And I am thanking you both for doing a good job. Thanks a lot!

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