Cannot uninstall files. “Access is Denied”

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I have several downloaded applications on my desktop that I cannot move to the trash bin. I get the message:
"Cannot delete xxxxx". Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and the file is not currently in use."
I get the same message when trying to uninstall a copy of a game on the hard drive. It applies to only one file, however: Il2-core.dll.
Any help, anyone?
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Cannot uninstall files. “Access is Denied”


There is an error regarding your hard drive. 

  • Click Start > run, type cmd, click OK. (Box opens)
  • Type cd C:recycler <enter> (directory changes to C:recycler)
  • Type dir /ah <enter> (shows hidden files)

You should see 3 entries with <DIR > next to them. One is a dot, one is 2 dots, and one is a very long number, probably starting S-1-5-21. I'm not sure if the name of this file is always the same, so you need to look at your own one.

  • Type cd <the very long number, without these brackets> <enter> (directory changes to C:recyclervery_long_number)
  • Type dir (you should get a listing of any files in the Recycle Bin)

Files in the bin have their names changed and they normally look something like this: Dc22.TTF, for example, is a font file I deleted. But if there are any corrupted files they may look different from that.

If you can see them, try deleting them from there:

  • Type del *.* (star-dot-star) <enter>
  • If asked: Are you sure Y/N type y <enter>
  • The type dir <enter> again to see if they're gone.

If you can't see them or they won't delete, try doing the whole thing again in Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Hope this helps some.


In trying this out I just emptied my bin in Dos but when I came back to Windows the bin icon was still showing full and didn't change even with F5 refresh. I fixed it by putting a test file in the bin and then emptying it. Now icon is correct again.

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Cannot uninstall files. “Access is Denied”



Hey this is very easy to handle what you have to know by this error message is, it portrays that you don’t have enough rights to access the folder. Your accessing rights are limited by the administrator.
Or if you are the administrator right click on the particular file and select the run as administrator option. It will run. Or there is another way to overcome from this problem which is right clicks on particular folder. Then select properties, next select security options finally here check whether your can change or do alteration on files. If it is denied you cannot be access. So allow it and click ok. Now you will be able to view it you can do whatever you wish to do so.
Although if it is user or limited account you have to log on as administrator to view your folder. And you must have to edit your setting in security settings as I mentioned above.
That’s all what you have to do to overcome from this problem.
I hope it will be very helpful. Thank you.

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