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I have just connected my VPN so I know I have a connection on. But when trying to load pages like www. yahoo. com or www. Google. com, the page does not load. I also tried sending mails and let someone send me a mail.

What can I do to fix this problem with my VPN?

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When you mail was it done? Or did you get the mail from your friend? I think, you can’t totally get the connection. Basically, after connecting VPN, this type of some problem may occurred-

Connection request may rejected, though when it should be accepted.

The first one can reverse like then connection request accepted, when it should be rejected.

It may be unable to reach the location.

Also it occurs problem to established a tunnel.

So it’s not so new problem that you got problem to get connection from VPN and don’t load any web pages. I recommend you strongly to visit this site for a clear solution-

Hope this all may work. Also you can get in touch with this site-