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This message appears, when I try to delete it.

File contains Trojan program and cannot be Disinfected. What do I do?

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First try to remove file manually. But if still you have problem, then clean Windows Temporary Files, Internet Explorer Cache and reboot your PC. Then try to delete the infected file.

Hope this will work.

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First of all, we need to know what is a Trojan is, the basic idea behind Trojan is like the Trojan horse in history, it will make itself not suspicious and working normally like a windows application.
But it is extremely nasty and dangerous code programmed by someone who want to take advantage of your computer and perform bad operations to your computer.
A Trojan is dangerous, because when running on your computer it will try to steal your personal / important information such as user name and passwords, credit card numbers, and other important data. After the program steal data from you, it will transmit the data over the internet to the creator, and worst case it might be able to take control of your computer. When a Trojan on your computer, you may:
1. The experience slowdown in the system, it will take up a lot of your computer processing, and causing a drop in performance.
2. There might be pop ups of ads (Poker, adult content and casino usually)
3. It might try to infect your file system while interacting with windows processes and inject code to the system files which alter the basic original code and the system might crash or taken control by the coder.
Because of the problem associated with Trojan, you may want to learn how to remove it. It is possible to remove the Trojan manually but it is suggested if you have lot of computer experience because it will involve identifying and locating the nasty files also scrolling through registry entries. I will give you three alternatives here, I hope it can be useful for you. Here they are:
1. You can use online scanner, it is free of charge and good way to remove the Trojan. Lot of major player in antivirus software give us a chance to use the online scanner through their websites, and this is best for everyone who have good and stable internet connection. The scanner might differ from each other with the specialization in removing the malware or virus depending on the coder. So in one sites it might not able to remove the Trojan or virus, but at another site it might able to. I’ll give you some list:

Special note: Second one is good for the computer user with intermediate experience, while the first one targeting user with a lot of experience.

2. You can access this link and download free edition
3. You can go here and download Nowicon

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Deleting a file that is infected with Trojan will be tricky,
For any file (mp3, doc, xls, exe, etc) the easiest way to delete the file is going into safe mode for windows.
What you need to do is boot up your computer, and when the computer still in boot process, press F8 continuously until you enter the page for CPU setup.
When you get there, choose advanced boot option menu, and then use your keyboard to choose safe mode, after that press ENTER.
Windows will log you into safe mode and when at the login page, make sure to choose administrator account.
Using safe mode, windows will show you the safe mode words at the corners of your screen.
In safe mode, what you need to do simply delete the file normally, if all things done,
You want to go back to normal mode, just restart your computer and your computer will boot normally to windows.
Hope this help