Cannot delete folder error while using Unlocker

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I’m having an issue with Unlocker software. I had to use this software to delete some of my folders which were not being deleted without the help of such software. But whenever I try to delete folders it gives error

“Cannot delete folder: It is being used by another person or program.

Close any programs that might be using the file and try again”.

Unlocker software error

I would also like to mention that no programs are running or using these files. I've tried rebooting, starting in safe mode, etc. but all in vain. I have XP installed and have administrator rights. Does anyone know how to overcome this problem?

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Cannot delete folder error while using Unlocker


Dear Willy

This error message generated when the folder or files are locked because they are being used by Windows or another program. To successfully delete this file, try following steps.

  1. Wait a minute and try deleting the file again.
  2. Close Explorer window and re open.
  3. Locate the program using the file and close it. If you're uncertain what program is using the file, close all programs until you delete the file.
  4. Try using unlocker, a free software program designed to unlock any file being used by Windows or other programs without restarting the computer.
  5. Reboot the computer. If after closing all programs you're still unable to delete the file, it's likely that something in the background is still using the file.
  6. If after rebooting the computer you're still unable to delete the file, boot the computer into Safe Mode and delete the file.

Hope its work.


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Cannot delete folder error while using Unlocker


The error you are receiving occurs due to many reasons. The common one is, if the file is being used on some programs or if it's being used by your Operating System. Or it could be that you do not have Administrator privileges.

If you receive the error "Access is Denied" when trying to access a folder, it only means you do not have the Administrator privilege or the Administrator did not allow you to access the file. If you are not the Administrator, then there is no way that you can fix this error. However, if you are the Administrator, you can use the software called "Unlocker".

It is small but free and powerful software that allows you to view which process locks on your file/folder and this software will help you unlock it. Download and install it. When done with the installation, simply right-click the file/folder that gives you "Access is Denied" error or "Cannot delete Folder: It is being used by another person or program" error and then click the Unlocker as shown in the screenshot below:

A window will pop ups showing the list of all the processes as shown below:

You can choose to Unlock all the processes or Kill the process. The drop down menu on the screenshot above has the Copy, Move, Rename, Delete or No action options for a locked file.

You can use Unlocker software if you are receiving the following errors:

1. Cannot delete file: Access is denied.

2. There has been a sharing violation.

3. The source or destination file may be in use.

4. The file is in use by another person or program.

5. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.


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