Cannot define index on domain “clob”

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Hello Whiz,

I got this error message when I try to run a query in the database. I do not understand where I went wrong. I tried to trap the root cause of this error but I cannot. It says the error is in the line 269, but not able to find it. Please guide me to resolve this error message. Is there any other method available to trap the error? Thanks a lot. Your help is great.



Query Error.Error content is as follows.Skip?

Execute error:-269

1’th line is not executed (error)

Error description:

Cannot define index on domain “clob”.

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Cannot define index on domain “clob”




The error may be the result of the system being configured to create a domain index on a temporary table. It could also be the result of the data type, CLOB, not being managed and stored properly. Examine the data you are working with more closely. Also, review your syntax and ensure you are using appropriate syntax and entries for CLOB data.

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