Cannot change the time or date on taskbar.

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Cannot change the time or date on the taskbar. Whenever I try to change the time by double-clicking on it on the taskbar it says I don’t have the proper privileges to change it. I would not bother changing it if the time or date were correct, but it isn’t.

Even by going to the Control Panel it gives me this same message. What is going on?

By the way,my operating system is Windows XP home edition with SP3 installed .

Date and Time Properties

You do not have the proper privilege level to change the System Time.


I have tried to change the time and date on the BIOS but has no effect on Windows. 

I have anti-virus installed but didn’t detect anything unusual.

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Cannot change the time or date on taskbar.


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It is best to ask the system administrator to do the time changing because you might not be the one who has the privilege to do this. It is possible that you are not the owner of that computer that is why you are not allowed.

Solution 2

Your anti virus is not reliable so a virus entered your system even though you are the administrator of the computer. You should buy a licensed one and with a much better features.

Solution 3

Reformat the setup because even if you repair the operating system. There is nothing you can do about it. A fresh install operating system and fresh formatted hard disk is a good way to remove it.

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Cannot change the time or date on taskbar.


Hi Dear,

Thanks that you have shared your problem with us and i hope i will satisfy you.

Dear it seems that you have connected your computer with the network.

It is easy to change your desired date and time.

Just log off your computer.

When your user name appears on windows logon screen press CTRL+ALT and hold them and press DEL twice or thrice.

An username and password box will appear. Write "Administrator" in username and press enter. Your system will be logon as administrator. Here you can change time and date.


Happy computing

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