Cannot change font case problem

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Hi there!

It is Microsoft Word problem for me. When I write any word or copy any text in Word page then it only pastes ALL CAPITAL letters.

I check my caps lock. It is not turned on.

Word page then it only pastes ALL CAPITAL letters

I also checked the font case setting and change all options again and again. Why did my text become all capital letters?

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Cannot change font case problem

Hello Clayton,
If what you say is true, then that maybe a problem. If you have checked completely and had disabled the uppercase in Word, then I will check on the hardware.
Are you sure that the light in your cap's lock is functional? Please check if it turns off and on. Then try typing, it would be possible that it was reversed or with malfunctioning light.
And also check your keyboard if the shift keys are not messed up. Because caps lock is not the only key that can capitalize the letters also the shift key. You could check this by trying to type when the caps lock is on. If it types small letters, then definitely the shift keys are messed up. Try fixing it by lifting the key and check for irregularities.
Hope it's fixed.
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Cannot change font case problem

Sometimes MS Word can hide some menu items that don't often use. Therefore, you are advised to re-check and make them active.
  • You can click on the down arrows at the bottom of any menu to see the full menu.
  • Furthermore, you can turn the hiding feature off by clicking on the tool's menu.
  • Choose customize menu item and choose the Option tab then to make sure it always show full menus is checked.
  • On the tools' menu, you'll see that there is an Autocorrect Options menu item. Select it and see a dialog box with several tabs with different types of automatic change's word for you.

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