Can’t rip MP3 tracks with EAC using LAME

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I would very much appreciate it if somebody could direct me as to where I am going wrong!

I used this forum to set up the best settings on the latest version of LAME I downloaded. 
I believe I followed the instructions well but things seem to have gone askew! 

Whenever I rip an MP3 track with EAC I get the following error message:




According to another LAME enthusiast I was told to put in the following command line for best results, is this true?

"-V 0 –add-id3v2 –ignore-tag-errors –ta "%artist%" –tt "%title%" –tg "%genre%" –tl "%albumtitle%" –ty "%year%" –tn "%tracknr2%" %source% %dest%"

Is this correct or is this causing a problem?

I am new to all this so will be eternally grateful for any help you may have, thanks in advance!

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Can’t rip MP3 tracks with EAC using LAME

Hi there Ira S Rangel,
As far as i can see, the problem is in the wrong written settings. You've used the full words, and that returned the chaos that the software just cannot process.
Please, try the following command line and see if it will work:
-V 2 –ignore-tag-errors –vbr-new –add-id3v2 –pad-id3v2 –ta "%a" –tt "%t" –tl "%g" –ty "%y" –tn "%n" %s %d
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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