Help: aniMate 2 DS3 cannot be installed

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Hi all.

I'm new to aniMate and Daz Studio, so please help me. I posted this same message on the GoFigure (aniMate) site yesterday but they have yet to reply. I have Microsoft OS, 64-bit Windows 7 and am running the free 32-bit version of Daz Studio 4. 

I wanted to export a BVH file but it said that I have to "bake to studio keys". I wasn't able to find that function in the built-in version. Correct me if I'm wrong but I decided to try it on the 30-day trial version because I'm guessing it might have that function. I downloaded both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the free aniMate 2 Trial product from Daz3D but I only get an error message whenever I install either one. 

I tried changing the target locations on my C Drive (c:Program Files (x86)Daz3DDazStudio4) but it didn't work. 

The full text of the error message is this: "There has been an error. The installation path for DAZ Studio could not be found. "aniMate 2 DS3" cannot be installed. Setup will now quit. The application will exit now."

Please help. Thanks in advance.


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Help: aniMate 2 DS3 cannot be installed


Since you are using Windows 7 64-bit, I would recommend that you uninstall the 32-bit animate to avoid any conflict and just maintain the 64-bit animate instead.  If the issue persists, please try to uninstall then re-install the animate 2 DS3.  Better yet, you may want to try the version which is available through You may also try to create the dzinstall.ini file:

  1. Please go to C:program filescommon files
  2. Create the DAZ folder in the common files folder
  3. Then create an empty file using notepad called dzinstall.txt
  4. After that, rename it to dzinstall.ini

Note: You must place your content directory OUTSIDE of the Program Files directory.

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