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Before I started, I just want to introduced myself I am Dorothy and I have a cute webcam. And YES my problem is all about webcam, or Webcam Controller Software.

I really don't know why I cant find a manual for the software, oh well it is easy to use but then I need a manual. On the other hand, on the Webcam Controller screen with the Controls tab selected, I have seen or there is an icon that appears like a projector screen.

Once you click it, you can find a selection of pictures and you are able to add more. And that appears to be all you can do.

Right clicking, double-clicking and single-clicking appear to have no outcome. 

Can someone figure out exactly what this is meant to do?

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To solve this problem you have to tell the Web cam model and you can also send your PC specifications. 

Although in that situation i suggest you to update you web cam driver. it can be easily downloaded from the web. So what you have to do is just go to the or at any search engine and type you web cam name and model there with the driver details. 

You will see lot of options. Select one of your choose. And you will be able to install your new software for your web cam.

if there is some software problem then you can change you port of web cam or just replace your web cam with a new one. I hope my answer will help you a lot.

Melevia paul.