How to perform System Restore?

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I was then trying to figure it out how to export the backup set to another or new pc storage. My situation is this: I have my pc and it crashed down suddenly due to fatigue. Luckily, I had been using Backup to execute weekly backups via the internet to my USB drive, so I have my own email, pictures, doc files, etc at my .lmib file.

And the HDD was done with numerous unreadable sectors, so with that I tried a reformat and recovery from the recovery partition. And gladly, it works, so after the PC was back to its factory status, I proceeded to re-establish the backup set from the lmib file. On my USB. And good that all was done okay, until the drive crashes itself all over again, this time around completely (the platters won't even spin, so I know it's DOA).
And do the same thing again to re-install everything and tried to import the similar or same backup set onto the new pc, only to get a message saying "the backup set was exported to another storage PC." Then all I wanted to know is that how or what can I do to restore the data again onto my own PC?
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How to perform System Restore?


Dear Garcia,

I will share to you what i know and i will also give you some tips in order to solve your problems.


  • If your computer is in the good condition make sure to backup them.
  • Back up the entire system by burning it into the CD or DVD.
  • Do not just relay in HDD or USB because you are handling huge files.
  • If you already backup all the files then the CD or DVD you are holding on you can use it. 
  • If your computer is crashed by some viruses. 
  • In order to run the back up.
  • The first thing you will do is you need to go to Start button.
  • Then select All programs then go to Accessories then after that.

Find the System Tools then Select the System Restore, The effect of this System Restore is your application to the previous time will be restored and the application and the system file that installed after that period of time will be deleted.

You will perform System restore if you want to restore the good condition of you computer or laptop but if the case is you already perform the system restore but the condition of your computer is still slow and it takes time to boot the system maybe you need to under go reformatting your system or upgrade your RAM because the computer.

In order to your computer not to be slow always perform the maintain task which is always scan for viruses that can crashed your files and the entire system. Always make sure that you will remove all the application that you are not needed and always update your anti virus so that it will update to all new virus that has been developed, make sure that the Windows Temp file is always cleaned.

Because if you will not do this daily maintenance, your computer will be slow down. So make sure you are updated and if you are running on low in disk space make sure you remove or uninstall old programs that no longer use. In order to remove or uninstall programs first thing you do is go to control panel then click Add/Remove programs then click the application that no longer use then click uninstall. Then after that reboot the system and its done. All you have to do is to maintain the daily task in order to maintain the condition of your computer.


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How to perform System Restore?


I think it has a low chance of being recover because of what you said, you said there are unreadable sectors of your HDD so even how many times you reinstall your operating system it will crash and crash. I would recommend you buying a new HDD and have this will solve the problem on crashing and on the recovery of the data after buying a new HDD (Make sure the New HDD is set to primary).

You need to install the bad HDD too but his settings must be on the secondary (you may refer to the pin configuration what is placed on your HDD for you to know how to set it primary or secondary). You may use a program to restore the data that has been lost Analogic file recovery is the program that I am using for my file recovery.

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