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Hello, I used to use square up  application on my Android phone, but now

I want to use it on my laptop so is that possible to use square up app laptop?

And if yes did it support Windows 7?

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Hi there

When talking about square up it's an awesome credit card app. But an unfavorable answer for you, you cannot use square up for windows and there are alternatives for the app but those are unsure application may be you can get cheat. If you want to try those simply type Credit card access app in Google so you will find it

Taylor B Campus

Thank you

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Hi Deanna,

I believe Squareup is a credit card processing service. Now Squareup at the moment does not support any non-mobile devices but this should not stop you from accepting credit card payments from your customers. You may want to try Intuits’ Go Payment Service.

Processing credit card can be done right from your computer and from your mobile phone. The last time I check they have a credit card Swiper that they provide to you for free for a much more convenient processing. Check this website to see more action of what this baby can do for you. Hope this helps!