Can I permanently delete my faceBook account?

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I have a FaceBook account which I want to permanently delete, but I couldn’t find a link on how to do that. I only find a link on deactivating my account. But I want to permanently delete it and can no longer be open again.  Is there a way to do this or should I just deactivate it and stop opening it again till it expires. Please help.

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Can I permanently delete my faceBook account?


Yes it is possible to permanently delete your account in FaceBook.  But please remember that once your account is deleted, all the files, pictures and friends, and all the information in your FaceBook account including comments, messages, wall posts and everything will be deleted for good and you will not be able to regain access to your account again.

To delete your FaceBook Account Permanently, please follow the steps below:

1. Open your browser and log-in to your FaceBook using your email and password. Log-in to the account that you preferred to  delete later.

2. Read here about how to Delete FaceBook Account.

Click here for the link:

3.Click submit to delete your account.

4. Type your password when the Permanently Delete Account dialog box appears.  And type the correct Captcha then click Okay to continue.

5. Then click Okay again to permanently Delete Account. It will take 14 days to delete your account.

To know more please visit this link.


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Can I permanently delete my faceBook account?


Hi there,

I sometimes think of deactivating my account on FaceBook. I wanted to re-crate and start all over again but I think of different scenarios why I should do it. When you log-in to that networking site and wanted to deactivate your account, it will first give you options as to why. A survey perhaps, options are listed below.

  • I don’t find FaceBook useful
  • I get too many emails, invitations and request from FaceBook
  • My account was being accessed by someone unathorizedly
  • I have privacy concern
  • This is temporary and I will be back
  • I don’t feel safe on FaceBook
  • I don’t understand how to use FaceBook
  • I spend too much time using FaceBook and lastly
  • Other

Here’s the way to delete and or deactivate your account on FaceBook;

Log in to FaceBook account deletion page, once logged-in, click the submit button when ask if you want to delete the account.

Type the captcha displayed in the screen and do not log-in or connect with your FaceBook account. You will then receive an email that your account will be deleted within 14 days.

After 2 weeks, then you can no longer allowed to log-in and not accessible on FaceBook.

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Can I permanently delete my faceBook account?


Your main aim is to make your account “disappear” so that none of your friends can access your wall. This is possible by deactivating your account thereby making your profile and all information associated with it unreachable by other Face book users. Therefore you effectively disappear from the Face book website.

To do this:

Login to your Account

Go to the Account page> Account Settings.

Click at the Security tab on the left side of that page, then the Deactivate account link below the screen.

A confirm deactivation dialog box appears; highlight appropriately and confirm. There you go! Account Deleted.

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Can I permanently delete my faceBook account?


If you want to deactivate your FaceBook account from your Account Settings page. You can do this but after your profile and all information will be vanishing from the FaceBook service immediately. Not a single FaceBook user will be able to do searches for you or view any of your accounts.

For temporary reasons most of the people deactivate their accounts and want their profiles to be there when they return to the service. In a case if you want to come back to FaceBook after deactivation of your account, with the same profile information added friends and photos. You can easily come back, and your account will look just the way as you left at the time of deactivation.  Simply you have to reactivate it.

If you want to permanently remove your account from FaceBook. And you decided that you will not use FaceBook again. You can delete your account but keep in mind that it will not allow you to reactivate your account or retrieve any of the added information. If you like your account will  permanently be deleted with no option for recovery, then use the following link :


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Can I permanently delete my faceBook account?


There are two options of deleting your FaceBook account. First is temporary Deactivation where in if you decided to come back to FaceBook you can still view your account the way it did when you left it.  FaceBook still keep your profile information such as pictures, friends, comments and posts.  Once you deactivate your account, your profile and information will immediately disappear.

For you to deactivate your account just go to Account – Account settings – Security – and click the link “Deactivate your Account”. The other option is Permanently Deactivation. Once you choose this option, you can never recover your profile and account information. All saved details will be deleted permanently.

If you are really decided to cancel your FaceBook account just go to Account – Help Center – type to search box “delete account” and it route you to the page giving you instructions how to deactivate your account – click the link “submit your request here” – submit.

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Can I permanently delete my faceBook account?


You are all a techie. I've been trying to delete my account permanently but always leads me to deactivating it. Thanks a lot for sending the correct link. You are all the best!

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