Can anyone provide me better ideas to avoid spam in iCloud mail?

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I am a happy user of iCloud ever since it was MobileMe. I have been using my iCloud email as my primary email for everything. Even though I have email accounts with hotmail and gmail, I use iCloud mail for all my important communications. But for the past few months I am getting ten to fifteen spam emails a day in my inbox. Even if I mark them spam and forward to [email protected] nothing happens. I receive them again and again. 

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Can anyone provide me better ideas to avoid spam in iCloud mail?

Hi Abrahamahartman.
When it comes to spam mail we all know that it can be quite annoying. I have had this problem also.
First, you need to know that spammers are very smart. They use tools to recognize if your email account is active or not. To prevent them from doing this just don't open any mail that you see is spam. Just drag it to the Junk folder. If you are not sure if the mail you have received is spam or not, and need to open it, they can see if the image in the mail loaded or didn't. To prevent this uncheck Display remote images in the viewing tab as shown in the picture. Don't forget to mark that opened spam mail as junk also.
Remember also to enable junk mail filtering.
In Time you will get less and less spam mails.

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