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Hi Experts,

I have a computer set up with Information System Development Kit (ISDK) supported by DMS. The Avaya (Av) server connected to it through the blueprint WSDL? How can document management system works with Desktop deployment set up if the Av is already incorporated in WSDL? Will Desktop deployment environment works in associated set up? Can you please explain the details of this kind of set up? Thanks!

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Hallo Jgulliver,

Do you need to use desktop deployment for accessing other computers on the network? If so, as long as the computers that you want to use the desktop deployment service are part of the network that you are on, then you should be able to use the remote desktop connection service to deploy the services offered by the other computers on the network by accessing their desktops.

You can do thing like troubleshooting and file transfer with that service.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung