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Hi guys,

I am unable to start the Windows Media Player

When I do so, I get an error message saying:


I don’t understand why I am facing this error and how to solve the problem.

Please help me with this issue and suggest to me the steps that I should do to solve this one.

Basically, the fact is that whenever I start launching the Windows Media Player, it then prompts me this error.

If anyone experienced the same error then please help me in this case.

Thanks in advance.

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Try following these steps:

1. You just have to check, whether reinstalling the windows media player helps you out or not lays the similarities but the most efficient one on the Computer system.

2. This error can also occur by corrupted Playlist. Retributive try and take the listing which is and then you make to create the homophobic again and if you are unable to find the corrupted listing then you hump to remove all the playlists and then create them again no other choice.

3. Sometime .avi file also shows the problem. Actually it happens if the media contestant is not the updated.

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Hi Emi,

C00D11CD is completely an unknown error and there is no single reason for it.

There might be chances that you are trying to open audio/video files which are not supported by the Windows Media Player or any audio/video codec is missing on your system.

Because there are multiple reasons for this error, there are multiple solutions as well. If you want an exact answer for it, you need to provide more information or you can simply shift to VLC media player much better than Windows Media Player.

Follow these steps:-

1. Go to control panel/programs/uninstalling program/click right on mouse on Windows Media Player/uninstall.

2. Download a free version of VLC Media Player,

3. Download it,

4. Install,

5. Open the Media menu and select “Open File” option to open your audio/video file (See the picture below).

Enjoy your media!

VLC Media Player