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Hi experts,

I am trying a c# example but whenever I attempted to run I get the following error message:

Runtime Error

Program: ...int_Verification_SDK\FFVSDK\bin\win32_x86\NffvServer.exe

Need a solution. Please help,thanks.

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Do the following to narrow down the problem.

Make sure that the place where you are saving the project does not have any kind of protection or permission access. It occurs when you are trying to access a file that is restricted.

Secondly it can be due to the pointers that are being used in the program that are not getting anything from your system. for example if this is not a generic example and the variables used are system specific so it will not run.

Sometimes it happens that any variable used in the program is being used by any other application in the system so it is pretty difficult to handle it.

Try replacing the variables in the program and then run it.