Button to record user usage

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Hello everyone

I am using a QV dashboard with 10 different users. My issue is that I want to know which of my user and when is using the dashboard. I have contacted the QV support but they say that it is not so easy to record this activity.

So I want to try doing it myself and for this reason I need your ideas. First of all I tried doing this by hiding all the sheets except bar 1. On this sheet I tried to put a button which when toggled will show all the sheets.

I assumed that I will use a macro to update an excel file on the s drive with data based on users info and so I will successfully have a record of all the users who used dashboard with their respective timings.

Please see the attached image.

Macro parse failed.Functionality was lost
Error:ActiveX component can't create object: 'Excel.Application'"

Is it really possible and is it safe to do so?

I need your sincere suggestions.

Looking forward to hear from you



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Button to record user usage


This error occurs because of out of date IE-Plugin. So what you need to do is to download and install the latest version of IE-Plugin so that you cannot encounter any error. When you are going to update QlikView, you need also to update the IE-Plugin, so that’s the error here.

You update the QlikView but never update the IE-Plugin.  For you to really know the problem, check the server version that you are using there and then do what I suggest, update IE-Plugin. After that, see if the error fixed. I am pretty sure that caused the error.

Good luck.

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