Booting using a single Flash Drive

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Most of the bootable ISOs I have from numerous programs  that are intended for different uses are convertible to a flash drive image that is bootable and can boot up with no hassles. What just bugs me a little is that having a separate flash drive or CD individually for each of the program causes hassle. Since the spaces for storage in the flash drives is not enough.The bootable programs are now stored using a 4GB memory stick. Would it be possible for all these programs to be combined into one and for a user to be allowed to boot using a single FD and still can see the different programs ?

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Booting using a single Flash Drive


Hello Keith,

I have never thought that before but it sounds like a good idea. For sure carrying many disks around each with a program can sometimes be a bother. There also the danger of the CDs being corrupt by scratched due to their delicate surfaces.

What I know is that is possible to create one file bootable on a flash drive just like you can make one application bootable on a CD. It will be a good thing to be able to have a way to boot many files from a single flash drive, but the danger will come in when you lose the flash drive or it gets corrupted because that means you lose all the applications.



Lee Hung

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