Blurred LCD monitor, how will I fix it?

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Blurred LCD monitor, how will I fix it?

I have 14" Asus LCD monitor that I bought from a friend.

After a year, whenever I turned on it displayed a shadow image. My eyes gets everytime I saw my monitor blurred. I thought that the video card was problem. It is the screen display that caused the blurriness of my monitor? So I checked the button on the monitor where the screen display located. But Its not.

Do you have any idea on how to fix this?

Should I update the video card driver?

If not run the safe mode just to fix it?

I already tried system restore but it doesn't changed anything.

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Blurred LCD monitor, how will I fix it?

  • There are many reasons which can cause blurry images in LCD monitor.  Corruption of display driver can cause it. You can check it by reinstalling the display driver.
  •  If it still shows the same problem after reinstalling the driver then check the connecting cable of the LCD monitor. I hope your monitor will back to the normal after doing this.
  •  Native resolution is another important thinks in that case. Every LCD monitor has its own native resolution. Be sure that you are using the exact native resolution. If not then set the correct resolution. It should work if previous processes are failed. You also should place your monitor vertical with your eyes to get rid of shadow images.
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Blurred LCD monitor, how will I fix it?

  •  Please check these to locate where the problem is and follow steps to solve your problem:
  • First RESET you monitor by simply pressing the reset key for a while or choose your setting as required.
  • Right click on your desktop and select PROPERTIES, now select Appearance and then click on Effects now here check both of settings to make your setting effective. Choose your view here as per your requirements.
  • Go to your Control panel and click on gamma here now as per your requirements make your color scheme as best suited to you.
  • If you are using the graphic card which has own properties so you can change them also to make your look effective. And set gamma also there.

If the fault still remains then you can contact a monitor technician for more info.

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