Black Ops Desktop Crash Problem

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Hello there, as am addictive to black ops I can't stay one day without playing it, lately I faced some problem which I hope you can

Help me with, please.

The second mission black ops desktop crash , I tried everything I can, I have GTX 570 latest drivers, I did "Custom" clean install of the drivers, I removed all NVIDIA Display driver components and reinstall.

Nothing works, any suggestion please.

And thank's anyway.

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Black Ops Desktop Crash Problem


Black ops program crashes if you happen to change the resolution of your system or if the game uses full system resources.

 For the first reason, try changing the resolution to recommended resolution and try again.

For second reason, close all the other programs running in your computer and try again. If this does not work, try by increasing your system RAM,

Hope this helps!

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Black Ops Desktop Crash Problem



There could be many reasons for this type of crash to desktop, crash during game play etc. Depending on the type of crash, you can follow the solutions given below:
If your game is crashing during the launching the game, the very first thing you need to check is you have the system requirements mentioned for the game. If it is OK, then check your graphic drivers of your graphics card probably these are out of date. Just visit the official websites of the manufacturer and download the drivers.
For your security program like Antivirus, it can be happened. 
You must always keep them turned off (especially if it is Norton) while launching the game. If you feel any risk, you can turn on antivirus after the game is started properly. You should disable windows defender if you are using Windows 7. 
Hope this Helps.

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