BIOS ROM checksum error – system halt

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Good Day everyone!

This is the warning message I have seen in my computer early in the morning!


Award BootBlock BIOS v1.0

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BIOS ROM checksun error

Detecting floppy drive A media…

Drive A error. System halt

Can everyone explain to me why is the error message came out on the screen?

What is the meaning of BIOS ROM checksum error?

When that message comes out, my computer will automatically shut down! This is actually bothering me. I only use the computer only for internet surfing. I don't even know how install such soft wares and freeware.

I decided to consult to a computer technician, but my friend told me about this site so I’m happy to post here and share my problem. Thanks guys


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BIOS ROM checksum error – system halt


Award BootBlock Bios V1.1 BIOS ROM Checksum Error

BIOS ROM checksum error occurs of the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) ROM (read only memory) or the firmware of you BIOS cannot be read. The error is different from the CMOS Checksum failure or CMOS checksum error. CMOS Checksum error only occurs when the settings on your BIOS setup doesn’t match the hardware connected into your computer system. Or maybe you have enabled something in the BIOS that you don’t have any existing hardware connected into your computer.

Your BIOS firmware or software might be damage. In some cases, this error can be fixed by resetting your BIOS into its default values using the BIOS Jumper resetting block on your motherboard. Shorting the jumper pin number 2 and pin number 3 will reset your BIOS into its original firmware.

Some case of this error is the failure to update your BIOS ROM or abnormal termination of the BIOS ROM update during the process. That was just the common reason why it was happen. But of course there are so many reasons why your BIOS ROM has been corrupted. Worse case scenario of this is when your CMOS Chip has been already worn out or its chips are already bad or not working. If this is your case all you need to do is to purchase the CMOS chip suitable for your computer.

Since your BIOS ROM could not be read or your BIOS ROM firmware was corrupted, we need to re-flash your BIOS ROM. Flashing is the process of updating the software or firmware stored into a memory or a micro chip. Flashing your BIOS ROM need to have a copy of your “BIOS Firmware” and a “Flashing Software”. You must be careful on flashing your BIOS ROM this may result permanent damage on your hardware if not done properly. Better to consult the expert if you can’t do it by your self. Flashing Software or utility is very important here. This software will help you to write values data onto the BIOS ROM. Flashing takes time to do, so you must be sure that the power supply of your computer is stable. There is no scheduled brownout in your area, all power cables are inserted securely on the power outlet so that when someone touches it, the chord was not easily removed from the power source. In short you must prepare everything you need before you begin.

Flashing need floppy disk drive/disk which able to boot you on DOS (Disk Operating System) where you’re BIOS update/firmware the flashing utility was there. If you don’t have a floppy disk drive, the alternative tool is your CD ROM burn and bootable disk into your CD ROM then use to boot on your CD ROM Drive. I don’t really sure if you can use the USB Drive to boot in. But I know there is a tool you can use nowadays to make a USB Flash Drive bootable. Just search on Google if your want to try it.

Here are some instructions how you can flash your BIOS, just visit the link and you will read the instructions there:

And if you don’t have a floppy disk drive, try this link it will show you how to flash your BIOS with the aide of CD ROM.

Hope that the above information will help you to do the job and fixing your BIOS error.

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BIOS ROM checksum error – system halt


Ok Brian, first things first, do you have a Floppy Drive on your PC?

If no, go to Bios, in the Basic section remove the floppy drive.

If yes, go to Bios, in the Basic section and set error to ignore floppy. This will bypass fixing the problem and let you use PC.

You can check your floppy data cable to make sure it's inserted properly with no broken teeth and that the cable is connected the right way (not inverted – it will have light on all the time when it is inverted), same cable inserted right on the motherboard.

Most likely the key to enter Bios will be DEL, some have F2 or otherwise specified.

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