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Bing Webmaster Tools Vs Google Webmaster Tools

I have been using Google Webmaster for years now and once last year checked Bing webmaster and was not so happy but today when i check webmaster tools of Bing they are awesome and feel its better than Google

Is this true or is this my feeling only?

What are all the new webmaster tools changes of Bing in 2013?

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To top it all, the Bing webmaster tools from last year has just been tweaked a little as it is today.
Google webmaster tools is a smart choice if you are already using Google accounts (G+, Gmail, etc) in linking to your websites. All webmaster tools are integrated into a single, easy-to navigate dashboard.
Bing webmaster tools just like the previous year comes with a complete set of SEO analysis and reporting tools. The 2013 release has just added Link Explorer tool which can provide the user an option to display link pointing to a specific URL and refined searches.It is good for beginners who are new to the SEO and content management.
To top it all, there's no really crucial difference on choosing either of these two. What's important is to use them most often to gain advantage over your competitor.