Beware: Facebook Privacy Notice is a Fraud

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There has been a spread of a faulty information about increasing your privacy settings in FaceBook. How can people tell the difference between a fake announcement from the legit ones?

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Beware: Facebook Privacy Notice is a Fraud


Hi Nicklausrashawn,

From the start privacy in Facebook is not private, when you sign up in Facebook, you agreed the terms and condition and accept the terms how Facebook uses your account and share your personal information, whatever legal standing a government agency has or does not have in terms of searching you in Facebook profile for information.

Facebook is called social and media because anything you post become a public information. The only way to adjust your privacy setting is to adjust them on your account, and do it yourself, and the most important thing is that, you have to be careful on anything you post. Here is a sample of fake privacy notice.


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Beware: Facebook Privacy Notice is a Fraud


FaceBook is a rather large name in the news now always, especially after their recent IPO entry into the stock market. If FaceBook plans to change its privacy policies, you can count on it being a big story on several of the online news sites such as Yahoo, CNN, MSN, etc. Back in 2010, for one of the last big privacy changes, their articles like this written:


So a better question would be "How do you distinguish legitimate information from the false?" My recommendation comes in three steps:

1. Gather a collection of trusted news websites that cover a range of topics. Prefer the large, name brand magazine sites like or Yahoo! Because they have larger assets and professional reputations to maintain, so they will strive to provide the most accurate information possible.

2. When you come across a new piece of information, try googling it, and take note of who and how many other people are saying the same thing. Is the piece of news mostly being relayed through user comments or well respected articles?

3. Use your personal judgment, and look at the new information from the company's perspective. Does the policy change address a previous flaw in their business model? Will it be seen as a positive change, or a necessary one? Does the policy change adhere to other legal policy?

There are usually a number of signs to spot, and using at least one of these methods will generally keep you on the right track in this data driven world.

Hope that helped!

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