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Author: Mildred Tan
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What's the best utility program that you can suggest for my Windows 7 and why?

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It really depends on what will you like that utility to do. For the best use of a computer and for fixing error I can recommend Tune up Utilities 2012. It has a shareware version which you can use for 30 days but after that period you will need to buy a product if you like it. The full version costs about 50 USD, and if you already have the 2011 version you can buy the 2012 version with a discount of 20 USD. You can scan you registry, fix it, disable start-up programs, and uninstall programs and all the functions you can really think of. For me it’s the best, give it a try.

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Hi Tan,

If you are searching for the best registry utility for windows 7 then CCleaner or Wise cleaner will be the best solution for you. Because both of them are very powerful registry cleaner. They also will delete your temporary and other junk files. Both of them will give you the solution to uninstall a program. Thanks.