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How many machines can I access through remote access control & what application should I install to access the machines ?


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Remote Access | Storage Access | Remote Computer


The number of machines you can access depends on the software you are using. There are many software in the market but for now let’s consider Teamviewer and Proxy Pro.

For Teamviewer, you can only access one PC at a time remotely. Both PCs must have the software installed and connected to the Internet. The software randomly generates IDs and passwords and you need to input the details of the machine you want to access remotely into the one that you want to access it from.

For I’m InTouch software, you only need to install it on the machine you want to access remotely. Once installed, you can download the software from and log in to your machine, by supplying the login details. This can be done from anywhere using a Smartphone or another PC. It therefore implies that, you can access multiple PCs using different browsers in a single PC.

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Remote Access | Storage Access | Remote Computer


If you want to know the number of computers you can control or access via remote access connection, that would depend on the application you will be using. If you want to help someone on his computer and you need to do it remotely, the easiest and safest way to do it is with Avast Antivirus.

The only catch is that both of your computers should have the Avast Antivirus installed. Avast Antivirus supports Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10. If you need to perform a remote assistance to someone, make sure he has Avast installed on his computer. Once this is done, install Avast on your computer.

Next, on his computer, tell him to launch Avast then go to “Remote Assistance” and select “Get Assistance”.

Avast will generate a code. Once the code is generated, ask him to send the code to you either by email, chat, or telephone. Once you received the code, on your computer, open Avast then click “Remote Assistance” and copy the code into the box. Follow the instructions to connect. When the connection is established, the dialog should disappear and the remote desktop window appears.

Once you are finished fixing the problem on his computer, press ALT + SHIFT + END to terminate the connection.

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