Best Server Set-Up for Virtual Private Server

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I'm planning to set up my own server so that I can provide a Virtual Private Server to about 50 users. What would be the best set-up for my needs? Can a VPS use different Operating Systems per user?

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Best Server Set-Up for Virtual Private Server


There are many ways to setup your virtual private server. So here I suggest something exceptional. You didn't mention on your question that what OS (operating system) you used to be. The OS you used, is a need to solve your problem. I think, you are using a linux. So I clarify the setup process below with Linux. Watch the video –

Here you will found a video about your desired setup.

If you are using ubuntu, you can follow this instruction for remedy-

1. Update Ubuntu to get the latest packages

2. Set the hostname

3. Now add the admin group and user

4. Add the other users

5. Install Git (if you don’t use it, please start now)

6. In this step you have to edit SSH Configuration to make it more secure

7. Install Apache2

8. Install MYSQL

9. Install phpmyadmin

10. Install postfix

11. Install Munin (Master)

12. Install Munin (Slave)

13. Install Munin Plugins

14. Setting up IPtables

15. Install Fail2ban

This is the process of basic stup for Virtual Private Server in linux.

Hope for your best relief.

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