Best Recommended Android Software Tool For Online and Offline Security

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What Android Software tool would you recommend best for me to stay secure both offline and online? I am currently using Android Tablet and I would be glad if you can grant me a list of the best eight Android Software tools for currently. Can you brief me on the special features of each app tool?

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Best Recommended Android Software Tool For Online and Offline Security


The best eight Android app tools I would recommend for Android users are as follows: Clean Master (Boost & AppLock), Google Translate App, AVG AntiVirus App, AppLock App, ViewRanger GPS & Topo Map, Google Goggles, Valet and Smart IR Remote app.

The Clean Master (Boost & AppLock) app is indeed not just a popular app, but the World’s reliable Android app that comes in handy. Take a look at the following statements:

  • My device lagging and freezing.
  • My Android device has less storage space. 
  • My battery life runs down quicker than expected.
  • My device heats up abnormally and requires to be cool down.
  • I do want to have a well secured protection for my apps, and messages, etc. from inquisitive. If your Android device is experiencing the following difficulties as itemized above, then this tool app is your solution. It has an inbuilt app manager, an antivirus and a task manager. With these app features, the user is guaranteed of saving your smartphone and tablet Battery, accelerating and optimizing your Android device performance. It also offers a concurrent protection to your Android devices.

The following are some of the features worth knowing:

  • With its AppLock feature, you can lock up your message box, Phone contacts, and other applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twoo, etc. by creating a password or code to unlock (have access to the app).
  • The Battery Saver app feature evaluates the device’s battery status and hibernates or stops operational apps draining battery life to experience a lasting battery life in just a tap.
  • The Memory Boost feature free up your RAM to speed up your Android device as well as your games and apps.
  • The CPU Cooler cools off devices by spotting and terminating every single app that is responsible for overheating. This extends the battery life.
  • You can retrieve your apps and tools with the use of the iSwipe feature devoid of accessing them from the home screen.
  • The Game Booster feature also increases your game speed over 30%while opening it.
  • The Antivirus feature is ranked Number 1 by the AV-TEST for the seventh time. It is 500% quicker as compared to other paid antivirus apps. It scans both pre-installed and user-installed apps on the Android device to protect your device from spyware, viruses as well as protecting your privacy by cleaning user’s personal info from the device.
  • It offers you the access to stop autostarting apps to speed up your device via the Autostart Manager. This feature requires Root accessibility.
  • With the App manager, unwanted apps can be removed by uninstalling as well as backing up relevant ones.
  • It supports 30 Languages including English and French.

          Google Translate App is one of the exciting tools worth having. It comes with its verbal translation as well as text and visual translations granting you the luxury of using the camera of your Android device to decode text and signage amid a variety of languages. The Google Translate app supports not less than 90 languages enunciated all over the world. It also supports 40 verbal translations, 26 instantaneous language translations with the use of the camera, 90 language translations via handwriting and keyboarding input support. One can star as well as save every translation for imminent reference. This app is rated 4.4.

           The ViewRanger GPS & Topo Maps is an application tool with offline mapping, sports, computing stats, navigations, a route guide, mountain biking and climbing, sharing of locations with the aid of the GPS on Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, track recording, etc. With this app, users will find this app tool very useful for trekking, land expeditions, route hiking in addition to searching and studying sites or areas in your country. This app has a comprehensive Topo maps from Acuterra, USGS, among others, as an in-app purchases. Spotting the locations of your current position via GPS even with no mobile signal can be stored and used offline using the Create Saved Map app feature. This app also has an open Street map, terrain mapping features, Bing Aerial pictures or photos, Transport maps, etc. this app has over thousands of route guides and tour guides. With an internet connection users of ViewRanger GPS & Topo Maps can have a real time location sharing. You can record your track of movement when travelling, for instance, in order to view your route and as well know your statistical analysis of your trip. These tracking of your various trips and tours can be stored via your user account – as well as storing up photos via Flickr, BuddyBeacon. One can plan his outings using the ViewRanger GPS & Topo Maps application tool.

            The AVG Antivirus App, is a security scanner for mobile device users who seeks to protect their Android devices from malware, viruses, spyware, etc. The following features can be assured with this application too. • Users can lock up their apps and their device itself for secured privacy.

  • One can locate their missing or stolen Android device via Google Maps.
  • Protect your device against malicious malware, viruses and spyware when surfing or browsing on the internet.
  • You can also keep track and manage your battery life, both internal and external storage space and your data usage package.
  • With an inbuilt task manager to terminate or stop apps and tasks running.
  • Notifications of unsecured settings of your Android devices, unsecured sites and offers solution steps.
  • With thrice wrong entries of password while one tries to unlock an app or the device itself to gain access, the front camera of your device takes a secret shot of the person and send it automatically to your mail alerting you of the one trying to unlock your app or device.
  • Unwanted calls and messages of spammers, hackers, stockers, scammers can be blocked via the Call and Message Blocker feature. 
  • This app comes in 32 languages, including English and French .


           The Valet app is an app tool employing map and Google location API to help to locate the exact spot where your car was parked. It doesn’t only keep track of where you parked the car, but it provides alarms and timers that works to save the app user’s car from attracting parking tickets or fines. To locate your parked car or vehicle, press or tap on the Park My Car, a map pin is displayed or shown by the Valet app indicating your present position as well as offering a turn by turn navigation back to your car. When you lose connection or undock, a display of a map pin is dropped automatically via the Bluetooth System or the dock of your car when paired to the vale app on your Android device. This app with an automatic sensor, is exclusively for Android users. Users can also set or configure time limits, street sweeping reminders, etc. hourly, daily, weekly or monthly too. The current app version is 2.5.4 and is rated 4.2. However, the app requires an Android version of at least 2.3.3 to run successfully.

            The AppLock app is a tool that supports 24 languages and can be used to lock up your phone messages, phone contacts, apps, photos, phone settings, calls among others. This app provides you total privacy protection. This app can be used to hide videos, pictures, aside locking them up to restrict access. All you have to do is to select the files, apps, and whatever you want to lock up as well as selecting the other privacy protection options available, and then create a pin code with four numerical characters or drawing a pattern. With the AppLock, only the authorized user can access and even see the hidden photos and videos. Thanks to AppLock there is no need to worry your head over what your colleagues at work, classmates, friends, kids and even strangers do with your phone when they do take it. Users can also tailor the background to suit your preferred taste by selecting your desired picture as the background picture. This app has a lot of amazing Theme features, a Face Cover, automatically locking up selected apps, files and System Settings with a specified time and location. It has Lock Switch, a widget for swift or speedy unlocking and locking. You can even lock up your Play Store, hide icons from launcher, as well as preventing apps from being uninstalled with the use of the AppLock. One exciting news is that the AppLock cannot be stopped or killed by the Task Manager or killer. This assures you of absolute privacy protection. It is rated 4.3.

              The SmartIR Remote is an app that transforms your Android device from just a phone to a universal remote device for an extensive range of electrical appliances. With an IR blaster mounted inside your Android device such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, S5, S6, HTC One M8, LG G2 and the likes then, you can try SmartIR Remote. The following are some of the cool features worth sharing.

  • The ability to bring together command signals from diverse gadgets into one screen via the creation of custom remotes. To explain further is to have your TV Screen, Home theatre Speakers, Xbox and DVD player being switched on by a single tab from your Android device. The SmartIR Remote is now compatible and covering over 900000 devices with more being added daily.
  • SmartIR Remote is the sole app that employs and utilize features only your Android device possess that a plastic remote such as the Logitech Harmony will not have.
  • With some of the phone features like gestures, phone volume buttons, widgets, backing up and restoring saved settings and configurations, record remote, etc., the SmartIR Remote app can be configured incorporating these features in controlling your gadgets. With the SmartIR Remote app’s current version of 3.4.0 and a size of 9.6MB, is rated 4.6. It requires an Android version of at least 4.0.3. Google Goggles app is the last one on the bill.

            The Google Goggles app being an Android visual search app means it uses the camera of your Android gadgets in search for prominent landmarks, paintings, drawings, products, translation of foreign languages text such as English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish etc., scanning texts with the use of Optical Character Recognition aside from scanning barcodes and QR codes for vital and useful data and so on. With the camera of your device, it captures images of the item you wish to find useful info about them by pointing to them as Google searches through its database. It also recognises paintings, drawings, books, artefacts, DVDs, CDs, as well as any 2D imageries. Google Goggles app can be employed in solving Sudoku Puzzles, identifying similar products and items. It is rated in Google Play Store as 4.0 with a 2.7MB of size. The current version of this app is 1.9.4 and it requires a least Android version of 2.2.


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