Best Long Lasting Laptop Recommendations?

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I am looking to spend more on a laptop to get one that will last a lot longer. All of the bargain laptops I have bought die pretty quickly. What brand would you say has lasted a long time? Do you think a MAC last longer than a Windows machine?

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Best Long Lasting Laptop Recommendations?


Hi, Marco P Hamm in my own opinion both will last longer if you know how to take good care of them technology change every year. Buying one that will last a long time after a year it will be ambulate. But since you are looking for one good particular lop top.


Top list of laptop this year

Apple Mac trough the years it has change into a lot of innovation. The 13-inch wide screen with super slim body makes it handy also with its retina display  will give you the at most viewing effect, and comes with a chipper price.

Apple Mac-Air there are not a lot has change to this one but the most wonderful revamp on this one is it power batter that can run up to 12hrs.

Lenovo Y50 Touch 4k  this one of the most popular unit for gaming it has a 4k display that you can run any type of game.

Microsoft surface Pro3 is the best tablet that’s why it was consider the tablet the can replace laptop.


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