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I would like to know the benefits of using Virtual Machine Architecture in Operating System designing. Also, what are the advantages of Remote Desktop Machine architecture, Remote Host Control Machine Architecture and Web Server Architecture?

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Hello Isela,

Virtual machine architecture has various advantages when it comes to their usage in the operating system, some of which are:

  • Enabling multiple operating system environments to co-exist on the same computer, without having to be dependent on each other.
  • Providing instruction sets architecture (ISA) where possible so that it has some sort of difference from the real machine or computer.
  • It is also useful when it comes to provisioning of applications, maintenance of the computer and applications and also high availability and disaster recovery in case the system malfunctions.

As for remote desktop machine architecture, it helps fixing of errors on client PCs in a busy network whereby the technician can be able to access the user's PC from host workstation and troubleshoot the problem without having to physically visit the site where the client is.


Mahesh Babu