Battery Life of the Windows 8 tablets

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Given all the applications and softwares that are ought to be run in the Windows 8 tablet, what will be the expected if not exact battery life of this gadget?

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Battery Life of the Windows 8 tablets


Hi Liam !

These tablets would have a battery life of more than 9 hours and will have a more than 30 days standby time too, such a battery life would require larger batteries and Intel said that their tab will not thicker more than 9mm .

However it seems to be a challenge for the chip giant, if they become successful in doing so, their tablet would possibly give the Ipad a decent competition.

If you more want to know about windows 8 tablet , you can go to below link and find out about battery life or this windows 8 tablet .

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Battery Life of the Windows 8 tablets


In any gadget or device that runs on battery, there is no exact or specific time when the battery will die. All rechargeable batteries have limited lifespan. The average lifespan of a battery is determined by its cycle count which is equivalent to charge and discharge. It is also influenced by the settings used and the manner how it is used.

An abusive owner can expect the device and the battery to have a short lifespan. If the battery no longer holds sufficient charge and needs to be charged more and more frequently, it is a sign that the device needs to be serviced. Since majority of tablets have built-in rechargeable batteries, the owner has no option to replace the battery by himself.

When you notice that your tablet needs to be charged more frequently than usual, it is a sign that it can no longer hold enough charge. Bring it to a qualified service technician to replace the battery. In case the battery is already defective, you can use the tablet with the charger always connected.

In a laptop, the average lifespan of a Li-Ion battery is about 700 to 800 cycles and normally lasts around 2 to 3 years.

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