Battery in iPhone Drains Quickly

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I seem to have problems with the battery of my iPhone (version 4.2.6 and my modem firmware is 1.0.05).  When I went to work I had 98% battery.  I had no service and I am on EDGE network.  After 6.5 hours of moderate usage, my battery went down to only 9%.  I have an officemate with the same phone and network and almost the same settings, but hers went from 79% to 66% only.  My Wi-Fi is off, all apps are exited, and my screen is on auto-brightness.  My weather updates every two hours.  How come my battery drained so much so quickly?

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Battery in iPhone Drains Quickly


Hello Clement,

The possible cause of your battery draining quickly could be the weather updates, may be they require a lot of power when they are executed, but I doubt that.  Another possible cause could be that your battery is a fake and it cannot retain power for a much longer, a case that may drive you to verify that your iphone is an original or is it an imitation. If the problem is with the battery alone, then you just but another one and replace the old one.

Otherwise the power may be draining faster if you are using the iphone for making calls or messaging for a quite longer time, or may be it could have frozen and therefore consumed a lot power, a case that could be solved by simply restarting the iphone.


Lee Hung

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