IPhone 3G can detect available Wi-Fi networks but cannot connect.

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I recently purchased an iPhone 3g in Craigslist. I try unlocking my iPhone. Afterwards, I tried to connect in Wi-Fi. I have typed the wrong password a few times before I realized that it was not what I had set. However, my iPhone would not connect now to any available open networks. I tried connecting with my other iPhone and it has connected successfully. It seems like the problem is with my new iPhone.

I tried almost everything to fix the problem. I reset the network settings, toggled the airplane mode, turned the Wi-Fi on and off, even resetting the new iPhone a few times; but none of these worked.I could not use the system restore since I have set my iPad into baseband.I do not have any idea on how to fix this as of now. I was thinking of replacing the Wi-Fi antenna but I doubt that will work since the antenna is working fine; it can pick up all of the available networks.


Suggestions or advices from someone who knows what to do about this will be of great help. Thanks in advance.

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IPhone 3G can detect available Wi-Fi networks but cannot connect.


Incorrect wireless encryption code can cause the Internet connection issue. When connecting to the Wi-Fi, all settings must be configure properly. This doens't apply to iPhone smartphone only but in all other devices that uses wireless connection.

In iPhone smartphone, if it won't work wirelessly, the problem here is the settings. What needs to be done is to rejoin the wireless network. Delete other assigned network that has incorrect WEP/WPA key, forget this network and re-create it back.

On the iPhone screen, tap on Settings
Turn on Wi-Fi then the status should say On
Choose the assigned Wi-Fi network/SSID
Click on Forget this Network
Then click Other, type the Wireless Name
Enter the security key WEP/WPA
Click on Join button

These steps allows you to re-join the network amongst list of wireless network detected. Make sure that the network key you have typed is correct. Check with your router settings or manufacturer and ask this information if you are unsure what your encryption code is.

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IPhone 3G can detect available Wi-Fi networks but cannot connect.


To solve the issue, try to restore your iphone operating system from the original or the latest update of firmware available for your device. Use your iTunes to do the restoration. Remember, doing this will bring back your iPhone back to its original state.

Some solutions will do when leaving the original connection then reconnect again.

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