Battery Backup Time Reducing Rapidly.

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I've a New Toshiba laptop. The battery timing was more than 4 hours when I bought it, but for the past few days, the battery back up is reducing rapidly. 

It used to consume only 25-30% within the first hour of use, but now it almost consumes half of the battery within an hour.

Please see the image below:

It was fully charged about an hour ago & see it consumed half of it within an hour. 

Why my battery life is reducing? Should I claim the warranty?


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Hi, Your laptop's battery might lose the energy quickly because of numbers of possible reasons. 1. Not good quality of battery. 2. Could not last for long, busted battery. 3. Needs constant charging because it died out easily. 4. Replacement is needed because it lost it's charm. I'll give you steps to extend laptop battery. See below; > Defrag often, and lower graphic usage > Lower down the lightning/brightness in your screen > Minimize programs running in the background > Minimize external devices usage > Add more RAM > Use hard drive rather than CD/DVD > Keep the battery contacts clean > Hibernate not standby > Keep operating temperature down > Set up and optimize your power options > Don't multi-task > Ge easy on the PC demands > Get yourself a more efficient laptop > Prevent the Memory Effect > Turn off the auto save function

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Hi Nancy,

You asked a question about your battery life and backup. You have provided a clear picture of it, that’s great on your part. Now coming back to your problem, the reduction in battery life over the time reduces gradually.  The battery is something very sensitive and need good care. The main reason which damages the battery and which people are most ignorant about is; when you keep it plugged into the switch or A.C power. You should take out the plug once your battery is fully charged. The continuous connection of A.C power and battery repeats the process of charging and discharging which makes the battery weak and vulnerable.

I hope you will understand and work on my suggestion

Thank you


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How long have you had your laptop? Typical laptop users run their laptops on batteries and recharge it when the operating system warns them that the battery level is running low. After the battery gets enough charge, users usually unplug it and run it on batteries again. In short, under typical use, laptop batteries go through a cycle of partial drain and partial recharge. This is not necessarily bad. However, this cycle of partial charge and partial discharge "confuses" the battery power gauge such that it can no longer accurately read the actual power level. This is probably what's happening to your laptop. The battery power gauge is somehow reporting that the power level is at half after an hour of use even when there is actually more charge than that left. To recalibrate the power gauge, battery experts advise users to let the battery discharge up to the cutoff point (i. e., when your laptop shuts itself down automatically due to low power) and then recharge until the battery is at 100% charge. Do this "recalibration" once every month or after every 30 charges. Here's some more tips on battery care


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