Bad block on flash drive how to fix this kind of error?

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Hello friends,

Bad block on flash drive how to fix this kind of error? What is the best thing to do when having this kind of problem in your flash drive or hard disk? Do I have to go to the technician or I can troubleshoot this first all by myself? A step by step procedure instruction can really help a lot. I really need your advice.

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Erskine Well.

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Bad block on flash drive how to fix this kind of error?



Hi Erskine Well,
A bad sector/block can happen due to various reasons like
Memory devices been used for a long time
Type of file system used
Inappropriate plug out from the system.
Frequent use of the device in various environments.
After a long run, its always good to buy new devices.
You can use windows recovery option. This is known as Disk Checking.
The process is as below.
Open Command Prompt as Administrator(windows+R and then type ""cmd"" and hit enter)
Then, note the drive letter of your memory card(for eg: lets assume its x)
Now, in Command Prompt, type ""chkdsk x: /r"" and windows will check for any error in the disk and will try to recover all the data that can be recovered from bad sectors or so.
Or you can use the below method to check the disk.
Open My Computer and right click on the drive you want to check and click properties.
Now, in Tools tab, select ""Check Now""
Tick every option and hit ""start""
This will check the disk and will recover available data from bad sectors also.
Note: While taking out the memory device/flash drive/External HD, please use ""Safe To Remove"" option otherwise it may harm the drive in long run.
There is a limit to what we could do in cases like this. The OS will try its maximum to recover these sectors but after a long time of use, each sector in the drive will start to fail and the best option is to replace the hardware before it completely fails.
Hope it helps

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