Repair damaged jpeg header recovers

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"Hello expert, 


Anyone please help? I am facing some of the problem. I don't know how to repair damaged JPEG header recover. Now Microsoft windows vista home basic fixes some problem on my desktop. An anyone please advise me how to repair damaged JPEG header recover. Please suggest me. I need your comments and suggestions please. Thank you.

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Repair damaged jpeg header recovers




Repairing a JPEG image is complicated because of the many possibilities that resulting in it being damaged. Some possible reasons for a damaged JPG header are the following:

1.   Accidental formatting of your hard disk.

2.   Removing or putting a memory card in inappropriately.

3.   Unexpected hardware or software malfunction.

4.   Using the gadget improperly


And a lot more.


Many users who had the same problem just leave it and move on without resolving the problem because they believe that resolving it is impossible. The JPG header is very important because it has an essential data in decoding a JPG image. In order to repair and recover a JPG image you can use a header of another photo as long as these photos are technically the same or you can use a JPG Recovery Tool which you can purchase on the internet .You can download a  free JPG Recovery Tool for Windows in this link:

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Repair damaged jpeg header recovers



Hi there William Ramirez,
I am really sorry to hear about your trouble with lost images. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee your all files will be recovered using only one or even more software, but i would recommend you to try with one of the most popular and reliable one – Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair. You can find it at the following link:
Another one you could try is Recover by Remo Software (
Both recovery utilities are fast, stable and easy to use even if you have never worked with damaged files before, so you should have no trouble in recovering your images. 
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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