Backtrack4 Adding New User PROBLEM

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Hi all,

I am searching for any expert or any other tutorial which can help me in making backtrack more user friendly for me. I tried installing compiz fusion package last time and everything got messed up. I am not a big fan for kde, so tell me if its possible to install or switch environment to gnome. Help me on these two issues.

  • I installed it on the first partition of my hard disk and trying to add new users using the command. Add user new guest. But I am not able to login using this user because, I have to create a working directory and some other configuration errors.
  • I am using backtrack4. I want to install compiz fusion. I want to know all of the packages. I need to install this, before installing this package.


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Backtrack4 Adding New User PROBLEM


First change the root password, go to “System” > “Settings” > “Security and Privacy” > “Password and User Account” Click the “Change Password” button. See image below:

Password and User Account” Click the “Change Password” button

The “Change Password” dialog box will appear. Type in your new password and re-type in on the “verify” field. After that click “OK” and you are done. You have a new “root” password. Now to create/add a new user; go to “System” > “Settings” > “System Administration” click “User Management – User Account Editor”.

Backtrack isn’t a good Linux distribution. Some Backtrack user wants to add some modification so it won’t look so boring and add some graphic to it. Gather all that we need to install Compiz Fusion. See the code below.

Compiz Fusion

After this go to Backtrack “Menu” > “System” > “Compiz Fusion”. You will see an icon located in the toolbar, right click the icon and select “Reload Windows Manager”. To add Compiz on the startup, navigate through /etc/ and edit “rc.local” file. Follow the code below to add the files you have installed.

Backtrack “Menu” > “System” > “Compiz Fusion

Type in this code on the terminal: chmod u+x /etc/rc.local. After that you reboot and you're done.

  • Backtrack is one of the GNU/Linux distribution that is made for penetration testing and those who are focused in the security field. It provides users with a collection of a large database of security-related tools. Some of these are Kismet, Wireshark, etc. That can range from scanner to password recovery.
  • To add a new user in backtrack4 you need to login first as root, the “root” will be the login name and “toor” will be the password. Change the password of root to something that you want. Wait for it until in loads the necessary system services, window manager, desktop configuration etc.

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