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Hey everybody!

I've installed AMC 5.0 uneventfully, and without any errors. I didn't use it for a couple of days because of an urgent project. When I checked again this morning and tried to run the program this error came up.

It's quite unexpected since the installation went well.

Any solutions for this problem?

Thanks for all the help!

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Hi Gesinab,

Try to follow the following solutions below.

Solution A

  1. You have to uninstall the Media Composer first.  then remove the file AVID in the library folder.  Remove also the Avid and digidesign in the Library that supports the application.
  2. Then restart your computer and install it again.

Solution B

  1. You have to install a Utility disk Cleaning called ONYX before you uninstall the Media Composer.  Onyx will be the one to repair and create a solution.
  2. Install again Media Composer and use the Administrative account. 
  3. Choose the media Composer folder and look for the information and select Sharing and permission so that you may see the indication of what user you are going to use.Press the Lock and enter your password.
  4. If you don't see your USER, select the Add users from the list and have yourself permitted. After doing this step, select from the wheel and apply the said items.  Remember to have the permission repair.

Hope this might help you.