AV Program Keeps Giving Fake Alerts

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Just want to ask if anyone of you has heard of Advanced PC Shield 2012. My little sis who shares my computer, accidentally installed this program into our laptop.

And all of a sudden, there's a pop-up that our system is infected.

Severe system damage!

Spyware and viruses detected in the background. Sensitive system components under attack! Data loss, identify theft and system corruption are possible.

Act now, click here for a free security scan.

Tried the online symantec check and it says there are no problems.

I found a few blogs saying this program is a rogue? Is this true?

Is the information in my pc already compromised?

Thanks in advance.

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AV Program Keeps Giving Fake Alerts



It looks to me as a rogue anti-spyware. Your computer might have been infected with this program while your sister is downloading some files. This program pretends to scan the computer and will show you that it had detected spyware on your computer and will ask that you purchase the full version in order to remove the files.

You must remove this from your computer to avoid it from deleting files which could harm your computer by deleting files which may prevent you from booting to Windows.

You may follow the steps below to remove this program:

WARNING: Before removing the program, register the Advanced PC Shield 2012 by clicking on the REGISTER button found on the top right corner of the program window, enter the key: 8945315-6548431 then click Activate.

1. Please download the removal from this link: https://www.pcrisk.com/files/shsetup.exe

2. A dialog box will appear saying that you are downloading a file. Click on Run and wait for the file to finish downloading. Follow the on-screen instructions and ignore the warning messages saying that the file is unsafe.

3. If the removal fails, you may download this customized file to bypass spyware infection: https://www.pcrisk.com/files/installer.com

Good luck!

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