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Can I configure the settings in Google Chrome in a way that I can view google search result links in a new tab rather than directly clicking the link of a search result and the clicked link loading in the same page as the search result page? Or right-clicking and choosing the "open in new tab" button in the drop-down list?

I want the page to automatically load in another tab, how can I do that? Thank you.

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Hello Stanley Steward,

From my understanding is that you are using google chrome as your web browser and you wanted to automatically open a link in a new tab without having to so right click on the link and selecting open in new tab.  Unfortunately there is no option for you to change the setting to automatically switch tabs however what you can do instead of performing right click and open in new tab you can try using the middle mouse button. It will automatically open links in new tab and it’s not as tedious but it’s only applicable if you are using a mouse with scroll wheel.

I hope this option will work for you.

Atanasok Pelayo