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Hi, I need a help, How to auto dial in Skype in the Linux operating system? Is there any specific software for skype auto dialer linux. Please send the download link to download that software. And send some helping tutorial explanations for how to use that software and Special features.

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Hi Matthew,

I think I had a solution to your problem. If you need an autodialer software for skype I thinks there's a lot of site that will give you the software for free. Just click the link a will give you and select the auto dialer which will satisfy you most. Here's the link:

I hope this will help you. Thanks!

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You can use this auto dialer, which is known as best of it's kind.  Just download it and run its installation file.  After you download it, you'll get a .deb installation file, double click on it and it will be opened in a software center (depending on the Linux distribution you use).  After installation is complete, you need to find it in the menu and run it.  I hope I helped.  Regards.