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I have just came to know that the Worms 2 iOS game has updated the Asynchronous play feature. Can anyone explain me what this feature is going to do with the game? I am a new user of iOS and I loved playing Worms and now I want to update it. Can anyone show me how to update, or download and install the latest version? Thanks.

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Yes, recently Worms 2 has been updated with Asynchronous Play Update. Team17, creator of the said game has finally released a free update. This said update will allow players to challenge their friends (up to 16 friends) or if they do not have many friends they can also use the Game Center and select from strangers listed and this will be a turn by turn play. Turn by turn play means that the game is no longer bound by timers or quick launch breaks. You can make your turn whenever you are available or whenever you have time to make your move.

To update your app, Launch iTunes on your computer then connect your device. Select “Applications” in the library section which is on the upper left hand side. Click on Check for Updates then click on Download All Free Updates. Once the download is complete, click on your device under the Devices Area. Click the “Applications” tab on the right hand side. Put a check on “Sync Applications” and mark “All Applications”. Click on “Apply” and this will sync your device with the new update.